The legal situation is confused, even though the transitional regulation has already been in force since 15 October 2020 and the new State Treaty on Gambling will come into force on 01 July 2021. This is because the best of the online gaming arcades are licensed by a European regulatory authority and are regulated and reviewed accordingly by it.

Until now, Europe was still in a grey area and players were able to legally play high stakes online slots in online casinos with a European licence. But it was, and remains, a grey area – despite the new gambling law. The reason is simple: so far there are no ideas whatsoever on how to deal with European providers. Accordingly, it is still possible for players to register and play there. This is particularly beneficial for high rollers, who are certainly not happy with the requirement that stakes of only one dollar per spin on a slot machine are allowed in the casino. In addition, there are other regulations that high rollers will feel restricted by, such as the 5-second rule and the ban on quick spins and autoplay.

How to recognise a safe high stakes casino

It is definitely a great experience to play in an online casino. Sure, it’s best when there are wins, but even a loss can be fun. To keep the fun going, it’s important to choose only the best top casinos if you want to play for real money and especially with high stakes. You should pay attention to the following points:

  • Game offer – the best casinos offer an extensive game portfolio. And allow every player to place their desired bet.
  • Licensing – a good online casino that promotes itself as trustworthy and reputable has an appropriate licence, for example from the MGA or Gibraltar.
  • Payment options – check which providers are represented for deposits and withdrawals, this is especially important if you are playing.
  • Customer support – the support should be easily accessible and preferably offered. Live chat is practically a must.
  • Good RTP – the payout rate should be above 96% so that the provider can be classified as fair.

In addition, a good reputation is always important – whereby no casinos are perfect without a limit. Certainly, there is always something negative on a portal, but here it should then be looked behind the scenes why this is the case.

Conclusion – Continue to play online slots for high rollers

High rollers will no longer be happy due to the new State Treaty on Gambling. Therefore, many will switch to the European portals where online slots for high rollers will continue to be offered. To put it in a nutshell: The new State Treaty on Gambling is met with incomprehension and annoyance by players who like to play for large sums of money, which leads them to continue playing on the portals that are equipped with European licences, where they can play safely and, above all, with high stakes.

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