April 9, 2017

Gas leak repairs to effect traffic

NationalGrid logoExpect long delays and tailbacks this week as National Grid repair a gas leak in Meols.

Temporary traffic lights are now being used on Birkenhead Road between Station Approach and Fornalls Green Lane. Expect disruption, especially at peak travel times in the morning and evenings.


  1. I think a high pressure gas main goes under Birkenhead Road just to the Heron Road side of Birch Road. It was put in in the 70s at the time of North Sea gas conversion, and runs parallel to the railway, probably ending in a distribution center where the gas holders were sited by Hoylake Station. They burrowed under the road to avoid traffic disturbance, but the works caused the road to sink at least an inch and that was a good test of your car’s suspension.

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