January 7, 2012

Railway Inn Revamped Again

I’d need to be reminded of when the Railway Inn was last revamped but it doesn’t seem to be that long ago. Well, it’s being revamped yet again and being turned into a Hungry Horse venue I think. I know it’s the only pub in Meols and maybe it doesn’t have to try too hard but for me, the Railway has always been a bit of a disappoint – the proper pubs in Hoylake such as The Ship Inn are much better. I’ve always thought that the big problem with the Railway is that it’s just too big and such it never has an atmosphere.

Can anyone remind of what (a) the disco was called that was upstairs for a while and (b) what they called the fashionable bar bit they created back in the early 90′s?


  1. Guy Pullan says:

    The modern bit front right at the Railway Inn was called Tracks.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks! I’d never have remembered that.

  3. Richard Lynch says:

    The bar was called ‘Trax’ and the disco, ‘Destination 8′.

    Shame about the Railway really, loads of potential but never seems to cut it.

  4. admin says:

    Destination 8 ….well remembered !

  5. Richard Lynch says:

    …’Desi 8′ was the scene of much fighting many years ago as I remember! Hence, dance-licence was revoked. The layout made it look even bigger and gloomier than in recent years. Big refurb circa 1984, making it Whitbread’s ‘flagship’ pub on the Wirral.

  6. Gillian says:

    Do you remember when there used to be an off licence attached on the left hand side of the building – this was in the old days when shops shut at 5.30 and if you wanted chocolate after that you had to wait – or go the offie!!

  7. admin says:

    Yep, certainly do remember that old offie !

  8. Tim says:

    An old guy from Banks Avenue called Mr Newton managed the off licence in the late 60′s/70′s if my memory stands correct……..oh for those precious cans of Forest brown ale! (and the chocolate, of course)

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