April 8, 2017

Meols Mens Club

meols mens club

Many thanks to Graham Price for this photo of the old Meols Mens Club clubhouse.

I have a vague recollection of peering in through the open door once. The place always seemed to be very secretive when I was a young lad in Meols!

The building has gone now and has been replaced  by a bungalow while the Meols Men have a new building just yards away next to the bowling green.


  1. roger stanfield says:

    My Grandfather was treasurer of Meols Mens Club during the fifties, I started playing snooker their in 1960, it then had windows and curtains, but over time they kept getting smashed, and as you didn’t need daylight to play they were boarded up.
    As most people then smoked, the inside looked like a foggy night, but was always full of men young and old, a very social place, the gas fires (replaced in the seventies) would have been condemmed today as they had no flues for the fumes to escape.
    Monday night used to be whist drive night, this was very popular at that time.
    1969 an extension was added which later became a playschool, which remained untill the club moved to it’s new position on the other side of the bowling green and is now known as Great Meols Club.
    I looked after the maintenance of the club free gratis for 30 years, when the church sold the land for the pricely sum of £10,000 the club bought it.
    I drew up plans for a new clubhouse and approached the council for permission to build it were the bowling green hut and toilets were, after long negotiations, agreement was reached, the club land was sold (two houses now built on it) and the money raised, just paid for the new clubhouse. Due to low funds, the interior was completed through members giving up their time to furnish, paint and decorate.
    The club and bowling green are still well used and are part of the local community.

    Does anyboby remember the scout hut I went to as a youngster, it was on the park side under the trees near to railway inn?

  2. Jeremy Salmon says:

    I don’t remember the scout hut being in the park.

    But in the 60’s the scout hut was situated between the Mens Club and the Junior School. From the lane by the Mens Club you could walk through, past the scout hut, and enter the school playground by the girl’s toilets. The scout hut was just as run down as the mens club.

    The Girl Guides took place on the same evening, but they used the main hall in the Junior School.
    The Boy’s Brigade took place in St Andrew,s church.

  3. Simon O'Connell says:

    Jeremy, yes, further along the often muddy path was the scout hut, back of the school, and further along to the playground, field and bike shed….where they had the crock-shy for the fair.
    The scout hut was a ‘real’ scout hut…today, if it still existed, it would be a much sought-after film set. I rememeber it as a fairly run down, dusty old place: we used to spray water on the floor when sweeping up to keep the dust down; and all the tents and camping gear were stored in the back of it too. We’d always peer into the Men’s Club on our way to Scouts night.

  4. Was this picture taken before or after the old church hall was knocked down

  5. roger stanfield says:

    Well before hall knocked down early eighties?

  6. I also have very fond memories of playing snooker at this club in the early sixties. I think there were two tables which were always well used. I particularly remember Norman Goodall and his son Cliff who played for the snooker team , I very much respected both of them. A place with a wonderful (and very smoky) atmosphere. Great days.

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