April 9, 2017

Friday Photo: Submerged Forest

Meols submerged forest

*click for larger

Here’s a great old photo from the Syd Bird archives of the submerged forest at Meols. Many locals know of course that under the sand at Meols beach is a submerged forest. I don’t believe that you can see any evidence of it today, though I could be wrong.

The chap in the bowler hat add more than a touch of surrealism don’t you think? You can see other views of the submerged forest in this post in a blog about Malcolm Lowry; a New Brighton born acclaimed poet and author.

Syd comments on the photo: “The building that you can see on the land was known as Banks Cottage or sometimes Smugglers Cottage and was located at would be nowadays the seaward end of Bennets Lane, probably very close to were the Publics Toilets are.”

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