April 8, 2017

Friday Photo: Bus leaving the Railway Inn

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Many thanks to Syd Bird for this rare photo of a (very old) bus departing from the stop outside the Railway Inn. Look at those external stairs up to the top deck of the bus! Doesn’t look like Birkenhead Road was too busy back then does it?


  1. Leo Simmons says:

    What a great documentary photo. That’s obviously the first Railway Inn, so the picture would probably be early 30s or late 20s? Is that a very large single house in the distance or two or three town houses?
    Thanks as always for letting us see these wonderful old records of Hoylake & Meols. Always a treat.

  2. Syd Bird says:

    Hi Leo,
    I think the house in far distance is the same building that still stands on the corner of Station Approach and Cleveley Road ,it was built before the rest of the Meols shops.

  3. Leo Simmons says:

    Thanks Syd! Sounds like my poor memory (I haven’t been around Meols for many a year) letting me down again.

  4. Guy Pullan says:

    Yes I think Station Approach shops were built around the original house, which I suspect was owned at the time by Mr Bland, who owned the newsagent which became Merriman’s. Alan Bland (the son of old Mr Bland) designed and built the house “Pondside” just over the railway bridge, right next to the pond. Whilst old Mr Bland was an expert on birds Alan was a noted expert on tropical fish, he was involved with committees at Chester Zoo.

    The wall on the other side of Greenwood Rd belongs to St Andrew’s Church. At the time of the photo the “new” Church wasn’t built but the present Church hall was the Church. It is interesting to note that the garden wall of the present Manse can be seen in the photo but the newer properties after Queens Avenue are yet to be built

    Note that the wall around the Church was much lower than at present, The council built the present wall in return for the Church giving up some land to allow the road to be widened.

    The sandstone trough with the large tree in it at the end of Queens was only taken away recently.

  5. Lynda Willilams says:

    I remember Alan Bland very well, he worked in the Drawing Office at Cadburys in Moreton, where I was a secretary in the same office.

  6. colin cunliffe says:

    lovely memories of Hoylakr and Meols. My Mum and Dad first took me there the summer I was born in 1934.we stayed for many hsppy years in a large tent near Dove Point at Meols. Still go to re live those halcyon days

  7. colin cunliffe says:

    Anyone in Hoylake knows a Percy Ayres ?. I served with him at RAF Stoke Heath in Shropshire from 1955 to 57..I would appreciate any information..

  8. colin cunliffe says:

    ref., comment above. Percys name may be Eyres. Anyone know him please ?.

  9. Lynda Willilams says:

    Ref: looking for Percy Eyres, I think I know him, was his wife Erica Bird. If so he still lives in Hoylake, Lake Place, corner of Walker Street. Him and his son play bowls, if this is the right guy.

  10. colin cunliffe says:

    thank you Linda, if you meet the Gentleman, please give him my mob number 07850764538. Tell its Colin ex Stoke Heath.

  11. Lynda Willilams says:

    Hi Colin, I certainly will do that for you, in fact I often pass his house, next time I do I will knock and pass your No. to him.

  12. colin cunliffe says:

    Thank you again Lynda, thats very kind of you. Hoylake and Meols have a very special place in my heart and mind.

  13. colin cunliffe says:

    Lynda , thank you again for your wonderful help!. Percy rang me. He couldnt remember me,but we are meeting up.

  14. Lynda Willilams says:

    Colin, so pleased Percy rang you and you are now meeting up, it’s good to keep in touch with old friends. I used to be a home-help for Erica and went to school with her youngest sister Gill. Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad I was of some help and you are most welcome.

  15. colin cunliffe says:

    Hi Linda, met Percy today (mon) at the Green Lodge and had a good chat. He gave you a lovely compliment saying you are a very attractive Lady mmm !. Thank you again for your help.

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