February 28, 2012

Friday Photo: Greenwood Road

greenwood road 1

Someone had mentioned to me that there used to be a house(s) in Greenwood Road, in the location of where Meols Park is today. After asking for help, a couple of Hoylake Junction readers remembered an old house there and Syd Bird searched through his archives and found these old photos.

The above view is from the Dovepoint Road end of Greenwood Road and you can see the old house opposite St Andrews Church. The photo is from circa 1907, when the road was named Park Drive. The Church has obviously changed a bit of the intervening years.

The photo below shows the view from the other end of the road ie looking from Birkenhead Road. This photo is circa 1913 and we believe the road at that time was called Park Road. In this view it’s St Andrews that is most visible whilst the house on the other side of the road is somewhat hidden amongst the trees.

Another little mystery solved!

greenwood road 2


  1. Ian P says:

    Does anyone know when the park was constructed? I know I harp on about it, but there was definately a small Gents urinal on the Greenwood edge of the park, and it would probably be Grade-1 listed if it were still there!

    Another thing I harp on is the group of Air Raid shelters that were in the playground of St Johns’ school – I guess no one ever thought of photographing them.

    Finally, does anyone remember the small sweet shop by the bus stop over the road from where Greenwood Road hits the main road? Probably just to service pupils from St Johns’, and it was in the parlour of the house on the corner of Banks’ Avenue. (A couple of doors towards Hoylake from Dr Ashe’s.

    I belive spinsters and widows would often convert their parlours into sweet shops etc. to supplement their meagre income.

  2. Simon O'Connell says:

    I remember the sweet shop: it was classic! Was it called Harrisons or Hartleys or similar? I can picture the guy that ran it latterly; other one-off ‘shops’ were the farm shop at the Goose Green (does anyone call it that now?) farm and the dairy shop down Forest Road (ice cream!!) where you just rang the door bell; and I’m only going back to the late 60s or so I’d say.

  3. Jeremy Salmon says:

    It was owned by a Mr Harrison (always reminded me of Peter Cushing). I always called there on my way to Meols Primary School. He was always watching you when you were in there, making sure you were not pinching sweets (as if). Previously an old lady ran the shop. Can’t remember her name.
    I remember the dairy shop in Forest Road, a good place to get milk on a Sunday.

  4. Judith Law says:

    I remember the farm shop on the Goose Green. I remember buying vegetables from there from Miss Price who ran it I think. I also remember the dairy in Forest Road. We had our milk delivered by them and went to the dairy to pay our weekly bill and to buy extras like ice cream or cream. I also remember Harrisons – liquorice whirls and sugar mice, mojos and black jacks!
    The Goose Green is still known by that name. The old farm was demolished in the 1960s and new housing was built.

  5. mason edwards says:

    Mrs Brown’s sweet shop on Birkenhead Road
    The sweet shop was run Mrs Brown who i believe was widowed. It was on the corner of Banks Avenue. She sold sweets and cigarettes etc from the front room and you stepped into the shop form a dark Victorian style hallway. She was rather strict, and not “child-friendly” and I can remember her telling me off for whistling in the shop. The shop had rather old point of sale displays, one of which was a parrot made from paper tissue. We used to make comments about the parrot and ended up leaving in fits of giggles. Sad, really, as she was doing her best to make ends meet in difficult times. When she retired she went to live in the flats/ houses opposite Kenney’s the chemists in Market Street. She was a dogged individual and kept on her daily excursions into Market street despite being severely disabled, walking with the aid of two sticks. In later years(when i was more mature) I hope I was kinder to her and used to stop and say Hello.

    The shop in Greenwood Road.
    There was a shop in a garage or shed alongside the house on the side of the road opposite the church. I think this was run by MIss Price, but not the same person as Rosy Price, who had the shop at the farm on Goose Green. I used to get sent there for top-ups of veg items…. it was a slightly scary entrance as the short track from the road was fringed by trees and bushes. I’m not sure when it closed. There WAS a toilet next door to the entrance to the farm shop. I was used by the bus drivers of the Crosville buses who parked there as a rest stop before returning to West Kirby. It wasn’t an candidate for listing – very basic, and crudely designed!

    Rose Price and the farm shop on Goose Green
    Yet another farm shop in the outbuildings to the left of the main farmhouse, Rose (Rosie?) Price was a delightful character and we liked going there for vegetables, eggs and possibly milk. When we paid the milk bill we managed to sneek a view of the farmhouse kitchen which nowadays would be considered as the epitome of rural style.

    Sadly the farm and the outbuildings etc were all demolished to make way for the present run-of-the-mill (sorry!) housing development. I think there was opposition to the move but in those days people weren’t so adept at marshalling opinion and mounting a case against the demolition of what, if renovated, could have been a great example of Meols in its earlier days.
    It should have been listed and renovated and preserved.

    Bentleys Ice Cream shop and Dairy in Forest Road (next to (Meadowcroft’s?) builder’s yard)
    Another shop in a house. At this one you had to knock at the door and wait for Mr or Mrs Bentley
    to come to the door! From their hall or front room, they dispensed home made ice cream and filled up glass pots of cream and sealed them with foil lids. It was there that I bought my first “Archie Andrews” lollipop! (Google him!)

  6. admin says:

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